Business philosophy

It is people, not technologies that creates business. However, innovations give business new potential to successfully compete on local and global market. We seek working with ambitious customers with maximum aims, because we know how we can add to their success through application of our knowledge and experience. Let’s grow and win together!



The most professional centre of excellence in manufacturing business management systems in the Baltics.



To generate value added and competitive advantage for manufacturing companies through innovative IT solutions and professional services.



We communicate in an open an integral way, both internally and externally. We apply the principles of transparency throughout our operations.

Team performance surpasses personal ambitions. We respect, value and support all members of our team.

We stop when we get the work done, not when we get tired.

We pursue ambitious aims – we are not afraid of new things and risky projects.

We seek to be the best specialists in our field. Gaining knowledge and experience is daily practice for us.

We are patient in working with colleagues and customers. Never getting driven by emotions, we stay consistent in dealing with and resolving any problems we encounter.