From the plant floor to the boardroom, CEBOS enables organizations to save thousands of hours complying with quality requirements each year by automating the quality management system’s required processes.

To successfully compete in today’s competitive global marketplace, a functioning quality management system is important. To be a best in class performer, an optimized, efficient quality management system is essential! Achieving this is no easy task, particularly as quality requirements (e.g., ISO, TS, FDA, cGxP, etc.) are
ever-changing. The challenges that ensue from these ever-changing requirements undoubtedly include:

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Compounding these challenges, organizations generally use several disconnected systems to manage the quality process. These include spreadsheets, databases, internally developed systems, and third party software. The result of these challenges is a significant time investment by all company personnel to support the quality management process.


CEBOS solves these challenges by offering a feature-rich enterprise quality management software solution. CEBOS allows end users to configure the software to their business process requirements. This ensures they not only meet internationally recognized compliance requirements, but also meet the specific requirements of their individual customers. The software focuses on automating quality system tasks while eliminating unnecessary staff time to complete menial activities. Real-time dashboard reporting is a single mouse click away and keeps management informed of all critical key performance indicators.


CEBOS structure

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Document control

CEBOS’ cloud-based MQ1 Document Control and Management software solution provides a safe and secure solution that saves both time and money for both small and large corporations.

The document management system eliminates manual administration and distribution of documents by electronically automating the entire document management process, including: editing, routing, and approval. The system includes complete revision control and archival of previous versions, for an extensive audit trail of each file controlled. It acts as a central, single source repository for users, enabling access to the latest and greatest version of any stored file. This cloud based document control software is an extremely versatile yet incredibly user friendly system, all while complying with critical business requirements and quality standards.

Versatile and user-friendly, its automated process enables effective tracking, editing, routing, approval, archiving, and distribution of documents. Overall, it is a more effective method for handling, storing, and managing documents.


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