Processing and Dispatching Management System MeatMaster

Main modules:

MeatMaster is a processing and dispatching management system designed for meat processing companies. The system allows efficient management of the whole production process, fast data recording and transmitting to any accounting system used in the company.
MeatMaster consists of separate modules, thus is easily addaptable to the specific needs of each company.

Main modules:
Raw material intake

Raw material is registered right on the intake site. Collected data are transfered to the accounting system and used for raw material posting.


MeatMaster allows to register the weight and inspection grade of each carcass automatically and use these parameters for carcass posting.


Manufacturing module controls carcass cutting, product manufacturing and receiving to stock processes. It allows to read carcass weight automatically, register it, process a production task and weigh according to the indicated recipe. Collected data are transfered to the accounting system and used to write off raw material and post products.


MeatMaster allows registering products before and after packing, fixing their weight, code and batch number. Data is transfered to the accounting system and used to credit and write off products.

Order collection and dispatching

MeatMaster can control carcass and packed-labeled product dispatch processes. When the operator selects an order to process and weights a product, the system registers weighing data which are used issuing the invoice.