QAD Warehousing

QAD Warehousing is a flexible, highly configurable warehouse management system that supports simple to complex warehousing operations in virtually any configuration. QAD Warehousing provides comprehensive coverage for various processes within a warehouse and is seamlessly integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications. In conjunction with QAD Enterprise Applications, QAD Warehousing provides automated task management, RF based picking, wave management, batch picking, location find/audit, put-away, picking, cross docking, quality control, replenishment, transfers and advanced cycle counting activities. One central inventory repository between enterprise applications and warehouse management system provides non-redundant, highly accurate view of the resources within the logistics network. QAD Warehousing provides full support for multiple domains allowing a single instance to cover multiple physical warehouses thus providing a global inventory overview.

The Value of QAD Warehousing
Key Features of QAD Warehousing